Physical security

   One of the main services of Caspian Oil Security is physical protection service at industrial buildings and structures, construction sites and warehouses.
Caspian Oil Security provides security also at work places and employees’ residences (business centers, hotels and shift camps).

Caspian Oil Security LLP prepares a set of security actions for each site, including protection of life and health of Client’s personnel and property. This system is based on security risk
assessment and may be issued in the established form of Security Instructions for security guards.


Physical protection of sites is carried out by Caspian Oil Security LLP in the following formats:
1. Stationary security posts;
2. Security patrol (foot patrol, mobile vehicle patrols and use of air drones);
3. Installation of access control system;
4. Video monitoring of sites and other assets;
5. Сargo-escorting and protection of goods during transportation;
6. Bodyguards and security control during mass events (exhibitions, conferences,
forums, banquets, etc.);

A significant number of posts of Caspian Oil Security physical security is located at oil and gas facilities. Specific service conditions of protection of TCO and NCOC contractors’
facilities in Tengiz and in Karabatan demand to follow special requirements, compliant with safety regulations and environmental
protection. All our employees are trained in specialized training centers for industrial safety and provided with personal protective equipment (PPE). Management of Caspian Oil Security considers staff protection as one of its most important priorities.

The On – duty service of Caspian Oil Security is the team which controls and supervises physical security and video monitoring over the protected facilities. The Site security manager
(supervisor) directly organizes the work of employees of Caspian Oil Security LLP and interacts with Client management. All security guards are trained in specialized training centers and have
appropriate certificates and licenses.

More than 15 years of Caspian Oil Security successful experience in the physical security ensures creation of security environment of Clients.