Integrated intelligent security systems

   To provide integrated services for security of the sites, “Caspian Oil Security” LLP in collaboration with affiliated company works out and implements intelligent integrated security systems (IISS) for the protected sites.

The main elements of intelligent integrated security system are:

• Perimeter security system that detects break-in attempts to the protected area.
• CCTV monitoring of a protected facility reacting to the slightest movement delivers a corresponding signal and records the video.
• Access monitoring and control system (AMCS) limits access of visitors to the facility, their movement on site and can be integrated with the staff time record system.
• The intelligent integrated security system is an optimal solution based on software and hardware complex taking into account all hazards and risks of the protected facilities and using the latest developments in this field.

     For reliable protection of the sites alongside with physical security, “Caspian Oil Security” uses such equipment as thermal imagery devices, equipment, scanning the vehicle bottom, car and train number plate readers, fiber optic monitoring system of extended pipelines, etc. For objective control of the situation in the protected sites, especially at large refinery complexes and oil and gas pipelines, “Caspian Oil Security” uses drones (quadcopters). “Caspian Oil Security” specialists design, install and ensure the effective functioning of these systems.

The introduction of the latest security developments greatly increases the security of our clients and reduces their costs.