“Caspian Oil Security” LLP created a private investigation service, so that to be able to conduct effectiveinvestigations of incidents at the protected sites, preventive work, and verification of job candidates. The activities of the service are regulated by the RoK law “About security activity” and Caspian Oil Security  Order “Investigation service regulation”.

   For receiving objective information, required for the investigation, except witness evidence, Caspian Oil Security uses lie detector (“Polygraph”) for psychophysical studies of suspects (PSS). “Caspian Oil Security” practices to appoint relevant expertise to official investigation and established the legal procedure of their attachment to investigationdata. Based on investigation’s results, valid conclusions of the causes of incidents and measures to exclude such incidents in the future are worked out.4

   “Caspian Oil Security” has developed an exclusive methodology of normative – setting process of the evidence, collected without police investigation, so thatto send materials to court for losses compensation.

   The active work of the investigation service of “Caspian Oil Security” LLP has a significant preventive effect onto the decriminalization of the situation at protected sites.