Security monitoring service


“Caspian Oil Security” LLP replaces routine work of security guards by security monitoring service at Clients’ sites. Technical security equipment, which is installed at sites and connected to the LLP’s monitoring center, operates effectively, diminishes “human factor” and reduces risks to life of personnel and security guards in case of any emergency. When alarm sensors are activated, RRTs quickly arrives to the scene of the event and undertake necessary measures to stop the incident.

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The security monitoring service involves three systems: security, alarm and fire alarm systems:

1. Various security devices are connected to the security monitoring service via wired and wireless communication channels. We duplicate alarm systems with CCTV to transmit video and images to the smart phones of Clients.

2. An alarm system is installed, where there is a risk of robbery or theft. In case of alarm, rapid response teams (RRT) immediately arrives to the scene of the event. That gives the possibility to our clients to be confident, that every case of theft might be thoroughly investigated, so that to provide security of their property.

3. “Caspian Oil Security”fire alarm system has a unique chance and exclusive right to transmit fire alarm signal directly to the Emergency Department of Atyrau region, where “Caspian Oil Security” servers of information processing are located.

   One of our competitive advantages is use of air drones in rush hours when a prompt arrival of RRT to the scene of the event is “Caspian Oil Security”difficult.  “Caspian Oil Security” has at its disposal quadcopters which can immediately reach facility location, analyze the situation and transfer information to RRT.

   Significant investments of “Caspian Oil Security”LLP into these innovations allow clients to receive modern security services and significantly reduce
security costs in comparison with the expenditures for traditional physical security. Most of the clients consider security monitoring services to be the most effective security system and use its benefits for their protection.