Loalty policy

 “Caspian Oil Security”  LLP seeks to strengthen relationships with their clients by constant studying their requirements and providing additional security services with high quality. In this regard LLP offers exclusive security services for employees and members of their families:

a) “Caspian Oil Security” connects apartments and houses, where families of employees, to the centralized surveillance office (CSO). In case of an incident in the location of Client`s
employees’ residence, our RRTs immediately arrive to the scene of the event to preventpossible negative consequences;

b) To prevent theft of employees’ personal transport, “Caspian Oil Security”LLP has developed solutions for connecting them to GPS trackers;

c) To ensure employees` children security, tokens with GPS transmitter alarm are given,so that, when required, to provide connection of them with CSO;

d) Managing the exclusive transmission signal channel with Regional Emergency Department, activated in case of fire alarm, “Caspian Oil Security” will provide a rapid response to possible fires at employees’ residence that will save the lives of them and members of their families;

e) In case of extreme situations, 24/7 emergency line of “Caspian Oil Security” can assist employees and members of their families to solve the following issues:
– road incidents, conflicts and threats and consequences, connected with them;
– assistance in solution of criminal incidents and emergencies, as well as in dealing with law- enforcement officers;
– call out of employees of special rescue team for emergency search and rescue operations;


Caspian Oil Security” Loyalty policy allows clients to satisfy their needs in exclusive security services within long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.